Airplane Mode: Beauty Tips for Lovely Plane Travel

Fly much? Maybe air travel is in your future for a March Break getaway, or perhaps you travel regularly for business.

Fly much? Maybe air travel is in your future for a March Break getaway, or perhaps you travel regularly for business. Whatever the reason, many of us can agree that flying can leave us feeling sluggish and looking haggard.

Aircraft ergonomics, changes in altitude and the dry air up there all play a role in how comfortably we travel and how we look and feel when we’re back on the ground.

It’s easier than you think to arrive at your destination looking and feeling fresh and beautiful. Here are some great tips to keep you at your best at cruising altitude and upon touchdown.

Stay hydrated
Dehydration is at the root of many of our beauty woes. With dry cabin air sucking moisture from our skin, it’s important to up our water intake to stay quenched. Also, limit the amount of dehydrating coffee and alcohol consumed and choose caffeine-free herbal teas and water instead.

Wear your glasses instead of contact lenses
Once again, the dry air on an airplane can cause some discomfort and even redness where your eyes are concerned. Choosing to wear glasses instead of contacts can guarantee comfort for your entire flight and give you the freedom to nap without worry.

Use a facial mist
Upon landing, give yourself a little spritz. Facial mists instantly rehydrate your skin leaving you looking fresh and dewy. No one will believe you just got off a plane! Try Jane Iredale’s Pommist Hydration Spray, packed with pomegranate, white tea and rosemary leaf extracts.

Use a neck pillow and sleep mask
Use your travel time to catch up on some beauty rest. A good neck pillow will help you get comfy, preventing a sore neck and unsightly sleep wrinkles. Wearing a sleep mask can block out any light in the cabin for better sleep. Choose a natural silk or cotton mask for optimum comfort.

Keep the blood flowing
Sitting in tight quarters can leave us feeling tense and sore. Avoid the feeling of heavy legs and all-over stiffness brought on by a flight. Stand up and walk the aisles when possible to improve circulation and do some simple stretches in your seat. Wear loose-fitting clothes and comfy shoes.

Wear minimal makeup
Heavy makeup and air travel don’t mix. The more makeup we pile on before a flight, the greater chance of a breakout due to the change in conditions and the possible stress brought on by travel. Choose light, creamy products like a tinted moisturizer, cream blush and hydrating lip balm.

Eat healthy snacks
When we’re on the go it’s easy to reach for quick snacks like chips, chocolate or candy. They’re a perfect match for the excitement of air travel, but likely to cause indigestion and bloating. Most airports offer healthy snack options for purchase before boarding, so choose wisely.

Hopefully, we’ve shown you that feeling and looking your best on a flight is possible. Remember these tips before your next plane trip, and you’ll be clear for takeoff!