Enjoy Radiant Spring Skin!

radiant spring skin

Scrub Winter Off Your Face and Enjoy Radiant Spring Skin

Spring has sprung and it’s time to shed the winter layers. Farewell, bulky coats and sweaters! So long cumbersome boots and woolly mitts! That delightful feeling of freshness and freedom has taken over, but it doesn’t stop at your wardrobe.

Consider your skin. It’s been abused all winter by bitter cold, roaring furnaces and dry air. As a result, your complexion has been left dull and your skin parched! Your skin has its own winter layer to shed, and a thorough exfoliation is the answer.

  • Exfoliation is vital for skincare success for three simple reasons:
  • It removes dead cells, so the product can be absorbed more effectively
  • It refines the skin’s surface, helping to reduce pore size and minimize fine lines
  • It increases circulation, giving skin a vibrant and youthful glow 
guinot radiant

This spring give your skin a fresh start with Sanctuary’s Radiant Refining Facial. This treatment includes a gentle, yet effective exfoliation to reveal a bright and rejuvenated complexion. Remember to extend your results with at home care with Guinot’s fantastic exfoliating products.

Happy spring!