Sensational Serums: Elevate Your Skincare Results Now

A skincare powerhouse, serums are certainly having a moment! Here’s what you need to know about serums and why you should give one a try:


What is serum?

Made up of smaller molecules, serums penetrate quicker and deeper. Quality ingredients are concentrated, making serums an active and effecting product.


How do I use serum?

Serum should be applied daily on clean skin, before a moisturizer. Routine exfoliation to rid the skin’s surface of dead cells will boost a serum’s effectiveness.


Is serum worth the investment?

It’s important to remember that the ingredients in a serum are high quality and super-concentrated. Fillers and thickeners are omitted, making every drop count.


How do I know which serum is right for me?

Here’s where your skincare experts come in. All month long, Sanctuary is offering 25% off Guinot serums! There’s a serum for every skin type and skincare goal, so allow us to assist you with finding your perfect formula.