Covid Safety

mask update - March 2022

Mask Update

This Ministry of Health requires all Registered Massage Therapy clients to continue wearing masks during treatment until April 27th.

Welcome back to your Sanctuary

We’re pleased to offer all services on our menu at this time. You can relax – because we never do. We want to ensure that

for your safety
Welcome back to your
safer-than-ever Sanctuary.

As we gear up to welcome you back to our spas, we’re also ramping up our safety protocols and sanitation procedures.

We want to ensure that Sanctuary continues to be the place you come for wellness and relaxation. And these days that means being able to trust that you’re in a safe environment with people who care about each other.

Here’s how we’re helping to ensure our guests and staff stay safe as we begin to move forward (and how you can help too):

What we're doing for our guests
Staff members are monitored to ensure they’re healthy to come to work.
We’re limiting the number of guests in the spa at one time to enable social distancing.
Hand sanitizer is provided at the spa entrance.
Your service providers will be wearing a mask for all services.
They will wash and sanitize their hands between services and guests.
Equipment and surfaces are disinfected between guests. As usual, we use medical-grade disinfecting cleaners and protocols.
Our common areas, including wait rooms, washrooms and reception, are regularly sanitized.
We are waiving cancellation fees for anyone cancelling for health reasons.
What we ask you to do
cancel if you traveled
Cancel your appointment if you develop symptoms of COVID-19, have come into direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, or if you have travelled internationally within the past 30 days.
arrive alone
Come to your appointment alone.
arrive on time
Be punctual for your appointment
Use the hand sanitizer provided when you arrive at the spa.
Please wear a face mask and respect the social distance guidelines while in the spa.
Shower at home immediately before any body treatment/massage therapy.
pay with card
Credit or debit are preferred method of payment.