Summer stress reduction tips: teacher edition

We’re nearing the end of another school year, one full of disruptions as schools shifted to and from remote learning …

Schoooool’s (almost) out for summer!

We’re nearing the end of another school year, one full of disruptions as schools shifted to and from remote learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. September will be here before we know it, so teachers, this is your time to decompress after a stressful year—you’ve earned it!

We’ve compiled five easy ways to practice self-care this summer so you can start the new school year feeling rested and refreshed:

  • Catch up on sleep. Turn off that alarm and sleep in, or take a quick nap in the afternoon to recharge.
  • Pick up a book – FOR FUN! We know, it’s a novel concept when you’re usually focused on textbooks and required readings.
  • Whether it’s biking, baking or boating, plan to participate in activities that bring you joy.
  • Exercise regularly to keep those endorphins flowing and your body healthy!
  • Hit the road for a vacation. If you’re not quite ready to travel, your neighbourhood spa is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy a staycation!

Stuck on what to book at a day spa? Here are some of our favourite services to indulge in at one of our Sanctuary Day Spa locations to help you relax:

  • Our hot stone massage will leave you wanting more! This ancient healing art is used to balance physical and spiritual well-being, with warm basalt stones placed over the various muscle groups. The result? Total relaxation as you enter a meditative state!
  • Pamper your hands and tootsies with our luxe pedicure and manicure, which include a soothing soak, invigorating scrub and hydrating shea butter, followed by cocooning mitts and boots for a total aromatherapy experience. End with a relaxing massage and nail polish!
  • Grab your partner for an escape to paradise with our Mahalo Ritual! This sensual body treatment brings together natural elements, rituals and exotic aromas. Emerge carefree with the softest, most hydrated skin ever.
  • Want to keep things simple? Supplement your one-hour massage with our Registered Massage Therapists with a facial or a spa manicure or pedicure.

As teachers, you give a lot of yourselves throughout the year. Don’t waste this opportunity to indulge and pamper yourself before school resumes in September!

Your sanctuary is waiting – book at our Burlington, Newmarket, Vaughan or Waterloo day spas today! If you know of a teacher in need of a little stress relief, we sell Sanctuary Day Spa online gift cards, too!