Surgical Consult Tool

Surgical Consult Tool

Helping you take the first step

Only you can decide whether cosmetic surgery is right for you. Knowing what your options are is the first step toward making a decision.

The surgical consultants at Sanctuary Day Spas can answer many of your questions.

With the aid of an informative interactive presentation designed by cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Cory Goldberg, the consultant will guide you through the medical and surgical options available to enhance how you look and feel about yourself, including:

Facial surgery

Breast surgery

Body surgery

Your consultant is highly trained and prepared to discuss a variety of concerns for both women and men.

If you still have questions or have decided to take the next step towards surgery, we’ll arrange for an additional consultation with one of our cosmetic physicians or surgeons. The doctor will assess whether you’re a good candidate for surgery and ensure you have the answers to all your questions so that you can make a fully informed decision.

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