Meet the women behind the wellness

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re introducing a few of the women behind the scenes who make our Greater Toronto Area day spas so special.

Working at Sanctuary Day Spas are many amazing women who help run the spas and promote relaxation and wellness through our services every day. In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the women behind the wellness.

Fana A

Fana A.

Waterloo Location

After working in the hustle and bustle of the restaurant industry, Fana A. is happy to work in a slower-paced space that promotes relaxation and taking care of yourself. “It’s definitely nice to switch over to a calmer, more relaxed environment,” she laughs.

Fana, who pursued communication studies at university, has always been interested in wellness and self-care. When the job opportunity at Sanctuary popped up, she jumped at the chance to work in an area she’s passionate about.

“It’s a great fit and such a great environment. I love meeting people and learning new things about skincare and makeup, like new technologies and ingredients,” says Fana, who works the front desk at our Waterloo location.

She particularly loves her daily interactions with clients. “Sometimes, you’re able to engage in really good conversations at the front desk, where you can learn or get inspiration from clients,” she says. “I also love hearing people’s travel stories.”

When she’s not at Sanctuary, you can find her spending time with friends and family, reading, walking the nearby trails and pursuing her floral side business. A mantra that resonates with her? “As long as you have breath, you have options. Always do the best you can in the moment.”

Abby C.

Burlington Location

After hurting her knee in high school, Abby C. went through surgery and subsequent physiotherapy to heal. That experience sparked an interest in a career path that would allow her to help people on their own healing journeys. Originally pursuing physiotherapy/occupational therapy, she made the switch to registered massage therapy and hasn’t looked back.

Now in the industry for 18 years, she has built up a devoted clientele at Sanctuary, some of whom have been seeing her for the entire length of her career. “I’ve built some really great relationships over the years,” she says. “I love hearing how clients feel after their massage appointments and how grateful they are.”

She advises others considering a similar career to prioritize work-life balance right from the start. “Be open to all of the different types of people you’re going to meet,” she says. “You take in a lot of people’s energies so it’s important to stay open, calm and not work too much that you’ll burn out.”

When she’s not working, you can find Abby spending time with her husband and children and staying active. Visitors to the Burlington location may also meet her daughter, who works at the front desk.

Brenda B.

Brenda B.

Newmarket Location

When Brenda B. finished school, she wasn’t sure where her career would take her and decided to dip her toe into esthetics. “As it turns out, I loved it!” she says.

An esthetician with our Newmarket team for 15 years, Brenda performs a range of services. Early in her career, she learned various laser techniques from a doctor, like laser hair removal and photo facials, both of which are offered at Sanctuary Day Spas. “I enjoy the medical side of esthetics as well as the traditional,” she says.

Her favourite part of her job is meeting people and helping them feel good. “I love my long-term clients and going through milestones with them – they get married, have children and then their children come in,” she says. “It’s neat to see through the years.”

Brenda’s main source of inspiration comes from her family, with whom she enjoys spending time in nature. She offers this piece of advice to others who may be interested in pursuing a career in esthetics: “Make sure you love it. It takes a lot of giving and is worth it – but you have to really enjoy doing it!”

Rosvi G

Rosvi G.

Vaughan Location

While her father was dealing with health issues following a severe stroke, Rosvi G. started researching potential remedies. Passing by a sign advertising a massage therapy course, she decided to enroll to help with his recovery. After only a few weeks of regular massage, the results were astounding.

Moving to Canada from the Philippines in 2004, she never forgot about the healing power of massage, even when she worked as a nanny and in other positions before becoming a permanent resident. “I wasn’t happy with my jobs and said to myself, ‘I’ll continue what I started with my dad,’” she recalls. “And here I am now!”

Not only does she love her job (especially performing deep tissue treatments), but she loves seeing her clients benefit. “When they tell me they feel better after their appointments, it makes my heart melt,” she says. “Those words inspire me, and I’m always educating myself and learning more about my profession.”

That leads into her advice for folks hoping to pursue a career in the field: “You need to love what you’re doing,” she says. “If it’s not in your heart, you will not succeed.”

Outside of work, Rosvi leads an active life of biking, running and weightlifting