2024 skincare and beauty trend predictions

We’ve compiled some of our skincare and beauty trend predictions for 2024 based on industry trends, new products and social media chatter.

Another year, another round of skincare and beauty trends heading our way!

We had a blast compiling some of our predictions for 2024 based on industry trends, new products and social media chatter.

Of course, you’re not obligated to follow these trends (or any trends, for that matter)! Adapt them to your own preferences, or don’t follow them at all. Your preferred styles and tastes make you, well, you!

Skincare and beauty trends to watch

1. Eco-chic

Elevate your beauty game with a touch of green—products, that is! Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing a similar shift to ethically sourced products and sustainable practices in the skincare industry.

Another related trend? Plant-based products that include good-for-the-skin ingredients like algae, mushrooms and CBD. We love IMAGE Skincare’s VITAL C Hydrating Overnight Masque, which includes blue-green algae extract. If you haven’t already tried our CBD Body Bliss treatment, it’s a great way to soak in the benefits of CBD, thanks to WELL CBD products.

2. Smart skincare

While we still enjoy a good gua sha session, we’re also loving all of the tech advancements in skincare, from red light devices to ultrasonic exfoliators. Try our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, which uses light-based technology to help restore balance to the skin by reducing sunspots and sun damage.

3. Nailed it

Buh-bye, glazed donut nails! While Hailey Bieber’s popular nail style exploded in 2023, we’re ready to move on to other fun looks. One colour trend we’re living for? Sophisticated brown nails! We love OPI’s latest brown shades, like ‘You Don’t Know Jacques!’ and ‘Fall-ing for Milan’. Break out a brown at your next mani and thank us later.

4. Everything SPF

Skincare experts are calling it: 2024 will be the year of sunscreen! Improved formulations, added ingredients to boost skincare benefits (like vitamin C) and new application methods. One of our SPF faves is Jane Iredale’s Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen, a weightless dry sunscreen that’s easy to apply and light on the skin.

(Make sure to read our blog post on staying sun-smart 365 days a year, because yes, you need sunscreen even in the winter!)

5. Simplicity in skincare/minimalism in makeup

Sometimes, less is more! You don’t need dozens of products to glow. Using the right products for your skin type is far more effective. We think that simple, but effective, skincare routines will continue to maintain their moment in the spotlight, as well as minimalistic makeup that enhances your features and natural beauty.

For more than 25 years, we’ve established ourselves as industry leaders by embracing the latest advancements in skincare and wellness. Whether you’re trying out the latest fads or sticking to timeless classics, we’re here to help you pick out products and treatments to achieve your goals.

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