Our favourite suncare products

As your resident skincare experts, we’ve compiled some of our favourite products that make SPF application (and re-application) a breeze.

Sunscreen is essential every day of the year, even when it’s winter or cloudy. Not only does it protect the skin against the sun’s harmful rays, but it also helps prevent premature aging like wrinkles and spots.

If you’ve ever wondered how to incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine, look no further!

How to layer your sunscreen and makeup

Cleanse your skin as usual, then apply moisturizer to hydrate. Next, rub a broad-spectrum sunscreen onto your face and body. Check out our recent blog post on how to stay sun-smart for general sunscreen application tips.

After you’ve applied sunscreen, wait a few minutes for it to absorb before putting on your makeup. You can top the layers with powder to set it. Project Sunscreen has even more tips on how to layer sunscreen and makeup.

With sunscreen comes the need to reapply. Sunscreen is best used directly on the skin, so if you’re wearing makeup, it’s recommended to wash it off and reapply the sunscreen every few hours. Of course, that’s not always practical, which is why we’ve compiled some of our favourite products that make SPF application (and re-application) a breeze.

5 Sanctuary faves

Jane Iredale’s Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen

We love this weightless SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen powder. Use it on your face, scalp or body, alone or over makeup. Ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin, it comes in translucent and other shades. Bonus: It includes two fully recyclable refill canisters! Check out their Dry Sunscreen Refills.

Sun Bum’s Signature SPF 30 Sunscreen Face Stick

You can’t beat Sun Bum’s range of SPF products, but we’re especially fond of their mineral-based Signature line. The face stick makes for the easiest application (no more burning eyes or greasy hands!) while protecting your skin. Pop it in your purse or backpack and you’re good to go for the day! It also comes in an SPF 50 version for the kiddos.

Sun Bum’s Scalp and Hair Mist Sunscreen Spray SPF 30
If you’ve ever experienced the pain that is a sunburnt scalp, this product is for you! This sunscreen spray delivers a lightweight nourishing mist to help protect your scalp from the sun, and doesn’t weigh down your hair. Perfect for all hair types.

Another fantastic option is their SPF 45 Sunscreen Face Mist, made to deliver sheer, lightweight protection from UV rays.

Image Skincare’s PREVENTION+ daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50
Suitable for all skin types, this sunscreen acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen, eliminating the need for additional moisturizers in your skincare routine. It’s great for outdoor activities and high sun exposure.

By integrating SPF products like these into our daily routines, we’re investing in a future of radiant, more youthful skin.

Visit our day spas in Vaughan, Newmarket, Waterloo and Burlington and our staff will be happy to help you pick out SPF products to protect your skin.