Rejuvenate your skin with some of our favourite facials

We can’t get enough of the Hydradermie Facial and the Silkpeel Dermafusion treatment!

Here at Sanctuary Day Spas, we’re very passionate about skincare. As fun as it can be to book a standard facial from time to time, treatments that have been tailored to your unique skincare concerns are an incredible way to optimize your results. Wondering about our favourite customizable services? We can’t get enough of the Hydradermie Facial and the Silkpeel Dermafusion treatment!

Enjoy endless choices with the Hydradermie facial

If you’re looking to target a skin problem or two, you’ll love the Hydradermie facial. Not only does the treatment use ionization to improve product absorption and improve overall efficiency, but the active ingredients are customized according to your skin’s unique need—and different facial regions can receive their own formulations!

We’re proud to offer 7 different types of Hydradermie ingredient combinations, each of which targets different skincare concerns. Whether you’re experiencing redness in the cheeks, an oily t-zone, excessive texture on your forehead, or all three at the same time, the custom-tailored facial can help improve your skin. Plus, the Hydradermie treatment is extremely moisturizing and helps to restore youthfulness: after just one treatment, you can expect a 52% increase in moisture levels and 49% decrease in wrinkle depth.

The No-Downtime Facial

Since the Hydradermie facial is so highly customizable, it can be difficult to accommodate walk-in requests. To avoid disappointment, we highly recommend booking an appointment in advance. That being said, since your skin won’t be red afterwards, you can book a treatment early in the morning and then spend the rest of the day making fun plans!

Exfoliate and repair with the Silkpeel Dermafusion treatment

Are your pores clogged with sweat and dead skin cells? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there—and exfoliation can help. The Silkpeel Dermafusion treatment is a great way to clear out unwanted gunk. Plus, since you can customize the ingredients that the exfoliating diamond wand applies deep into your skin, it’s easy to target any skincare concerns you may have.

You’re Worth The Wait

Since the Silkpeel Dermafusion facial involves a relatively intensive exfoliation process, it’s important to protect your skin directly before and after the treatment. Avoid contact with the sun as much as possible, and be sure to put sunscreen on before going outside. Since some people experience redness directly afterwards, we recommend avoiding this treatment the same day as a big event. Instead, try to book it a day or two in advance.