3 tips to preserve your nail polish

Since National Nail Polish Day took place earlier this month, we’ve got polish on our minds.

After a long winter, sandal season is officially here! Since National Nail Polish Day took place earlier this month, we’ve got polish on our minds.

Did you know the use of nail polish dates back thousands of years, originating as early as 3,000 BC? On both fingers and toes, polish can help protect nails from damage and promote healthy growth (not to mention add a pop of colour to complement your outfit).

We’ve compiled three simple tips to make sure your polish lasts:

Apply a base and topcoat. If you’re using regular polish, always apply a base coat before painting nails to prevent staining and make the colour last longer. Similarly, a topcoat will protect your polish from chips and add a healthy dose of shine. You can reapply the topcoat once a week for even longer-lasting benefits.

Moisturize, moisturize and did we mention moisturize? Massaging cuticle oil into your nails every day can help strengthen them, encourage new nail growth and preserve your polish. Regular hand or foot lotion can also give your nails a boost of hydration.

Go easy on your nails. Trips to the beach, gardening, sports—all of these summer activities can wreak havoc on your nails and polish. Try to go as easy as possible on your nails by incorporating preventative measures like wearing gloves when you’re gardening or washing dishes. Whether at the beach or in the bathtub, avoid soaking your nails for long periods of time.

And it goes without saying, but please don’t pick at your nails or use them as tools (to open cans, for example). All of these can weaken the nail over time, making them more prone to breakage or rough spots.

With a little love, you can extend the life of your polish. Now for the biggest challenge: picking the colour for your next mani or pedi!

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