How to maintain healthy feet between pedicures

Pedicures are the ultimate summer spa treatment.

Pedicures are the ultimate summer spa treatment. They get rid of any rough, dry skin, leaving your feet nice and soft. Plus, a coat of nail polish pairs nicely with open-toe shoes and elevates your summer outfits.

While pedicures are known for lasting far longer than manicures, it can still be frustrating to watch calluses build up (or to have your new coat of nail polish chip away too soon). Fortunately, with a little bit of care, you can keep your feet looking soft and smooth — and can even extend your nail polish’s lifespan!

During a pedicure, we remove the tough outer skin to reveal softer layers underneath. As you walk around, you’ll inevitably build up calluses again. However, if you’d prefer to keep them at bay, it’s a good idea to wear shoes with minimal friction. You can also use a pumice stone or foot file a couple of times per week in the shower to remove any buildup — just be careful that you don’t scrub too hard.

Of course, moisture is also key to keeping skin soft. We recommend that you regularly apply cream or lotion to your feet, allowing your skin to lock in as much moisture as possible. You can also apply cuticle oil to your toenails daily — this will help strengthen the nails and preserve any nail polish. On that topic, if you’re hoping to maintain your nail polish for as long as possible, you can reapply a top coat every week or so to eliminate chipping.

As much as we love to visit the beach, you’ll have to be careful if you want to preserve your pedicure. Avoid walking on the sand or rocks with bare feet — your skin will toughen up when it is exposed to rough environments. Also, try not to soak your feet in pools, lakes, or rivers for too long — this can also shorten your pedicure’s lifespan.

While all of these tips can help to maintain your pedicure, summer is all about adventure. If you’d prefer to run along the sand, we certainly don’t blame you! Just be sure to apply enough SPF.

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