How to pick the right spa treatment

As full-service Greater Toronto Area day spas, we offer a comprehensive menu of treatments. We’ve outlined 4 tips to help you pick the right spa treatment.

Facials and manis and waxing, oh my!

As a full-service day spa, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive menu of skincare, health and beauty treatments.

We also recognize that if spa visits are new to you (or even if they aren’t!), it can be daunting to scroll through a large treatment menu. That’s why we’ve outlined four tips to help you pick the right spa treatment for you:

Tip 1: Think about your goals.

Are you looking to relax and unwind, or are you hoping to address specific health or skincare concerns? Taking a moment to reflect on your goals will help you narrow down the types of treatments that would be most beneficial for you.

Tip 2: Consider your preferences and budget.

This tip is two-fold!

If booking a massage, consider the type of pressure you typically like: gentle, soothing motions or more deep-tissue work? When it comes to hair removal, are you hoping to do away with shaving for the long-term or just for the month?

As for budget, consider what you are willing to invest in spa treatments. Knowing your budget in advance can help you narrow down available treatments in that price range. We offer monthly specials and promotions, so make sure to check out our News and Events section on a regular basis to see the current specials!

Tip 3: Conduct a little research.

Start by exploring our Greater Toronto Area day spa menu, which highlights all of our available services, from nail care to hair removal, massages to facials.

Read through the description to understand what the treatment entails and whether it will help you reach your goals. There is also plenty of information available online to help you learn the basics.

And if all else fails…

Tip 4: Consult with the pros!

Our talented team of estheticians is happy to answer questions and offer recommendations, taking your goals, preferences and budget into account to tailor a personalized treatment plan. Who knows—you may just meet your new estie bestie!

Thanks to these four tips, you can make an informed decision when picking a service at the spa. Now, sit back and enjoy a blissful experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

Your Sanctuary awaits. Book your next spa day at our Newmarket, Vaughan, Waterloo or Burlingon day spas.