Introducing Sanctuary Day Spas’ new body treatments

We’re excited to introduce new body treatments inspired by the ocean. Book your body treatments at our Burlington, Waterloo, Vaughan and Newmarket day spas.

Welcome to a new era of relaxation and rejuvenation at Sanctuary Day Spas! We’re excited to introduce our new body treatments inspired by the ocean. These marine-based therapies deeply nourish and revitalize your skin. So, let’s dive right in!

Ocean Breeze Body Scrub

The 45-minute Ocean Breeze Body Scrub will make you feel like you’re visiting the tropics! This luxurious treatment revitalizes your skin with a scrub that transforms during the massage for the ultimate in hydration.

This scrub combines creamy foam and light oil with mineral particles to gently exfoliate, revealing fresh, renewed skin. Enriched with glasswort oil, it boosts hydration by enhancing circulation and saturating the skin with nourishing lipids. The result? Smooth, moisturized skin with a satiny finish!

Oh, and did we mention the scent? The scrub blends zesty citrus with a floral bouquet of iris, rose and jasmine, leaving a delicate fragrance on your skin that will also uplift your senses.

Marine Detox Body Wrap

If you look for results-focused treatments, you’ll love our new Phytomer Marine Detox Body Wrap. Combining a luxurious body wrap with a full-body massage, the 75-minute treatment helps eliminate toxins and promote an overall sense of well-being.

It features Phytomer’s self-heating mud, which heats up when mixed with room-temperature water, soothing nerves and muscles. Millions of tiny bubbles perform a micro-massage, absorbing tension and improving tissue function.

The treatment begins with marine immersion, stimulating endorphins and getting your body into a relaxed state. A gentle exfoliation follows, preparing the skin for the application of a seaweed extract and clay mineral mixture. We’ll then envelope your body in the mixture and a warming blanket to promote tension release and detoxification. After removing the wrap, we’ll apply a cooling moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and your body rejuvenated.

We can’t wait for our guests to experience these new treatments. Whether you book the Ocean Breeze Body Scrub or the Marine Detox Body Wrap, you’ll leave our spa with refreshed, radiant skin—and a sense of rejuvenation!

Your Sanctuary awaits. Book your body treatments at our Burlington, Waterloo, Vaughan and Newmarket day spas.